Welcome to the TARG blog

Hi there everyone!

I’m Suzi Gage, a PhD student in TARG, and an avid blogger. I have a science blog called Sifting the Evidence, which is on the Guardian website. I love writing about science, for a variety of reasons. I believe that since most research conducted in Universities is carried out using money which has ultimately come from the public, we as researchers have a duty to share any results we find. This can be hard due to journals sometimes having paywalls, meaning research isn’t freely available. Also, academic papers are often written in dry technical language which can be confusing or boring to read.

Blogging is a great way of sharing our findings with those people who are interested in what we get up to. We intend to use this TARG blog to do just this, as well as writing posts more generally about the type of research we do, or background summaries of areas of research we are interested in.

If there’s anything you’d like us to cover, do let us know.

A first post will be up soon. Enjoy!


1 thought on “Welcome to the TARG blog

  1. Thanks Suzi! Hurrah for TARG’s new blog – I’ve got lots of great content lined up so watch this space

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